Power Electronics

Research in the fields of power electronics electrical machines and drives. factory automation, power and control systems,

Research areas

  1. Electrical machines & drives

  2.  Control systems 

  3. Renewable energy systems

  4. Wind energy

  5. Factory automation

  6. Power systems

  7. Electrical and hydride vehicles

  8. Smart grid


Development of jacquard loom.

Design &implementation of computer based technology for development of food industry.

Studies for design and production automation in robotics.

Development of human resources in advanced technologies.

Advanced system for robot application in industry .

Electronic ballast for fluorescent lamps.

Identification & adaptive control of electronic drives and system.


Departments consists of 59 members of research staff in industry & energy fields with  expertise in fields of design and implementing  industrial and electrical  control systems & power generation system, meet the staff.