Microstrip Department

Recognized for analysis, design, simulation and fabrication of hybrid integrated circuits. using photolithographic technique such as thin film technology and photolithographic technique,

Research areas

1. Design of hybrid integrated components and antennas.

2. Fabrication of hybrid integrated circuits.

3. Design of hybrid integrated subsystems and systems in the microwave range of frequencies.


1. Ultra wideband ground penetrating radar for water detection.

2. Wireless 3D microwave holographic input device.

3. Real time computation of health hazardous effects due to radiation from mobile base stations

4. Micro Immuno-sensors for rapid parallel detection of different enterovirses of medical importance in Egypt.


1. Frequency domain measurements

2. Hybrid planar Fabrication.

3. Time domain measurements.

4. Microwave design and simulation.

5. Computers& systems.


Departments consists of 31 members of research staff and engineers, meet the staff.